Programme details are currently unavailable. är Sveriges största guide till streaming och tv med mer än 2 miljoner unika besökare varje vecka. Bolaget 


Detta fel kan ofta lösas genom att inaktivera program som körs i bakgrunden och kan För mer information, följ vår guide för Användning av router med Steam.

Don't know what's causing this issue but if you select the guide and no channels appear, hit guide again and select the top channel display option. You should get the channels again. You may have to do this two step process until its fix itself or somebody change the right option. Hi Patrish, it sounds like your cable box has gotten out of sync with our network.

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In this case, you want to turn off the firewall and follow these steps. Step 1: Locate the Windows Firewall icon from the taskbar and click open it.

Visa elektronisk programguide (EPG) 41 Elektronisk programguide (i DVB-kanaler). 17. UP/DOWN buttons on the remote control or on the. TV set 

Method 3: Fix Unavailable Desktop via Windows Update The issue – C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\Desktop is unavailable may appear since the Windows update installation isn’t completed yet or it isn’t finished successfully. hi - I have seen this message in Server.

Program guide is currently unavailable

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Visibility is down to 900 metres in some parts of inner Melbourne. doors, and program airconditioners to recirculate air if they are being used. Join the Capsule Wardrobe Program, a 6-week journey to turn your Details: Dressed up or down, this highly detailed three button vest has a deep vee front and Men's Guide To Pant Shirt Combination #men #style #fashion #shirt #affiliate. ( [TV4] 2377081: Downloading video info JSON [TV4] 2377081: Downloading JSON  Elektronisk Programguide (EPG) . 16 unavailable to be changed when the TV is in Power down and hold it down for a few seconds, the TV will.

The program guide comes over the cable, not directly from FiOS, but through your router. Each of the STBs has an IP address which communicates with the router. Often when you get a 'program information not available' message, best thing is to turn off the router for about a minute and then power it up again.
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In the search box type “Services”.

For about the first month or two, when the INFO button was pushed, the TV would display program information (i.e.
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"This option is currently unavailable" problem. I got a new laptop a few days ago and I'm trying to add the Windows "Hello Face" and "Hello Fingerprint" but whenever I go to settings to enable the option, it comes with a message that the option is currently unavailable, I've tried restarting the computer and resetting Wi-Fi but the same problem persists.

On your remote control, press the GUIDE button. This will display the full-screen guide view together with all program listings, including channel information. The program guide comes over the cable, not directly from FiOS, but through your router.

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Can I fix that? To correct the issue of the guide showing no data, please perform the following: Unplug the power cord and unscrew the coaxial cable from the back of the box. After waiting for at least 10 seconds, screw the coaxial cable back onto the box, followed by plugging in the power cord. Note: It could take 5 to 15 minutes until the guide can provide listings for the current hours, and up to 60 minutes before it can provide listings for the next 36 hours.

Hi Patrish, it sounds like your cable box has gotten out of sync with our network. To restore the Guide data, unplug the power from your cable box for 2 minutes and then plug it back in. Give the cable box several minutes to complete the reset cycle before trying to access the Guide. Please let us know if you still have no Guide data after the Recast DVR - program guide problems.